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Live scores, statistics, groups, videos, history, articles, players and their profile & everything you need to know. If you love minifootball this is the perfect tool.

Futbalito is for all, for organizers, fans and players.

Futbalito has had a very successful season. It has begun at EMF EURO 2014 in Montenegro. Futbalito team helped organizers with a livescore service and brought to fans all of the information on the web and in the mobile app. Futbalito team has been constantly working on the information system improvement, which was proven by launching the first season of the National minifootball league in the Czech Republic, the Greek Unileague implement was successful as well and we also provide organizers and fans repeated service during the EMF EURO 2015 in Croatia.

Futbalito wants to achieve a lot in 2016. Besides the dissemination into other countries and competitions Futbalito would like to bring not only sport management, but a lot of interesting contents and trade and business functions.