1. Intoduction

The World Minifootball Federation (from now on “WMF”), is the highest authority of minifootball in the world. It has the purpose to promote, supervise and direct minifootball worldwide in order to contribute to the positive development of society. On the international scale WMF is without doubt the most significant and well-known sport federation in amateur sports. Its members are national minifootball associations and continental minifootball federations from each continent.

WMF connects tens of millions of players from all parts of the world through their participation in regional leagues and national minifootball championships, organized by local and national associations. WMF has a special dynamic thanks to the huge number of players who play minifootball every day, every week and every month because they are just in love with this sport.

Affiliates of WMF can be found in almost every country in the world.

2. Main product of WMF

Main product of WMF is minifootball. Minifootball is a type of football, it is the most widespread version played by tens of millions of amateur players in the world. The only element that differs among cities and countries is the total number of players and the size of the field. Therefore, WMF created 3 different categories of minifootball: five-a-side, six-a-side (majority) and seven-a-side.

Minifootball as a great marketing product for our sponsors

For our sponsors and partners, WMF serves as a great product. Companies could use it to serve their interests, especially to present their products and to find a lot of new customers.

WMF offers limitless advertising options and an opportunity to create customized ways to advertise. Inevitably WMF must maintain such a relationship with its sponsors and official partners as their support is vital for the achievement of the goals of the federation. As the president of WMF Filip Juda said: “People who invest in minifootball become its partners and a minifootball success is their success, the relationship is symbiotic. I feel responsibility to the people who trust me and I hope that to these investors minifootball will repay their dividends.”

Minifootball as an official international sport

Minifootball leagues and other competitions and events are organized by WMF or by its continental, national or local affiliates. The best teams from local leagues will advance to national championship. The best players are chosen for the national team that participate in continental or world Minifootball Championship.

3. Minifootball facilities and fields

This is one of the advantages of minifootball since it isn’t very difficult to create a minifootball field. In a lot of villages or in African countries we can find a space on a meadow on which a field was created and where team(s) from the village play minifootball. Secondly, thanks to minifootball mobile facility, we can organize minifootball Championships in very specific places such as sea beaches and main squares of various cities in the world.

Currently there are more than 35 000 official WMF facilities and more than 1.7 mil. unofficial minifootball fields hosting regional competitions and national tournaments which are organized by WMF members – national minifootball associations. It is a fact that minifootball fields are – in absolute numbers – by far the most numerous in comparison to any other sport fields across the globe.

A facility chosen by a national minifootball associations is a state of the art from all aspects (technological standpoint – the usage of tartan, security, stands for spectators, other facilities e.g. changing rooms, showers etc.) and easily accessible by everyone (multiple means of transport).

4. The WMF Values

Social integration: In a lot of countries minifootball is a tool for social integration of socially deprived persons, ethnic minorities and as a product for crime prevention.

Entertainment: Minifootball makes people happy and thanks to minifootball people can find a new friendly relationship even if there is a cultural gap. Minifootball connects people who share the same passion for the game and who simply enjoy the sport.

Participation: It doesn’t matter who wins the match, it doesn’t matter who the best player is. What matters is the effort, being part of the team and performing one’s best performance.

Wellbeing: WMF addresses amateur sportsmen who play minifootball to keep their physical and mental health.

Sportsmanship: Minifootball as a sport enjoyed for its own sake, with a spirit of fair-play, respect, and ethics.

Suitability for allergy sufferers: Minifootball competitions are also played on artificial turf that eliminates the problems of people with allergies to pollen or who suffer from hay fever, etc.

Suitability for seniors and disabled people: Minifootball is played on small fields and with the possibility of unlimited substitutions of players through the game.

Made with love: Members of WMF are creating innovations and modernizations of minifootball not only for business reasons but with love to this sport.

5. The WMF Moto

“Minifootball. Made by heart, finished by mind.”

The first part of the motto expresses love and deep emotions of people who create this product. The second part of the motto indicated dignified and meaningful leadership that implements the ideas of leaders, members, fans, our partners and sponsors into the modernization of this product. And it is the creativity of professionals in WMF management that ensures quality services for our members, fans, teams and that fulfills the expectations of our partners and sponsors who become the investors into the development of this product.