Lebanon now has Minifootball federation
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Lebanon has joined WMF family and this success is due to cooperation of all parts. Goverment, African Minifootball federation, World Minifootball federation, Lebanese people who were keen to reach this great achievement.

„I would like to tkan to all people who helped Lebanon Minifootball federation to be set up. It was  honor for me to be able to return to Lebanon after two years and personally congratulate to all these hard working group of people and to appreciate their work“ said WMF President Mr. Filip Juda.

Recognised help from the goverment is very important, when you want to set up such a big organisation as all federations are.

„I appreciate Lebanese Ministry of sport and youth attitude. This institution supports Minifootball development. I tis now very important partner regarding whole concept of Minifootball development in Lebanon“, added Filip Juda.

Not only domestic people were involved: „I would like to highlight amazing work of Mr. Achraf Ben Salha who helped to reach this success big time. It is great pleasure to work with people who want to push Minifootball in the right direction and become to be role models for other countries. I would like to wish all the best to Lebanese Minifootball federation and good luck in their World Cup qualification battle in the road of Tunisia this august“, said the top man of WMF.

Lebanon will host Asian  Minifootball Championship between 18th – 21th of May 2017.


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Author: WMF, JS