Tunisia TV will broadcast EMF EURO matches
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Tunisia has requested live broadcast of selected EMF EURO 2016 in Hungary and EMF EURO 2017 (Czech Republic) matches. And thanks to an agreement made with European Minifootball Federation, this is another milestone of minifootball progress as EMF EURO matches will be displayed outside from European continent. African and Tunisian minifootball federation president, Mr. Achraf Ben Salha is doing great job to globally promote our sport. Over 30 millions of minifootball fans now can watch top flight matches outside Europe.


African minifootball federation President, Mr.  Achraf Ben Salha added: “I am happy that Tunisia TV  finalized the deal with EMF to broadcast the EMF EURO 2016 matches and got an opportunity to move closer this sport to millions of people from Middle East and North African countries. The visibility of minifootball is very strong in Tunisia and this is next step how to keep promotion of minifootball on this level.”


Tunisia TV now offer great content for sports fans around the World and reached achieved another success.


WMF President, Mr. Filip Juda comments: “I am glad that we have reached an agreement to broadcast and I will be honored to see the following development of minifootball in African and Arabic countries. I am fully convinced this is one of the most important step how realize an cooperation and development support between two continental minifootball federations and I am very happy I can be part of it.”


Tunisia TV will show match selection to public during following week. So all fans in Africa and Middle East – sit, relax and enjoy top minifootball from Europe!

Mr. Filip Juda and Mr. Achraf Ben Salha during meeting