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The last Czech Minifootball Championship in a form known to the fans was held in January 2015. Since September 2015 a completely new competition, namely the national minifootball league (NML) will start. However, it will not bring together the clubs, but the selections of players from different cities. Each regional minifootball union will be able to nominate any of their registered players. The leaders of the Association of Minifootball in the Czech Republic came with this innovation in the previous year and NML starts having more real contours every day. Currently pitches, referees, delegates and all the documents are being prepared, commissions and departments are being created. Selections of players from each city have been playing friendly matches since August 2014 in order to prepare the best teams for the first year of a new competition. Eight local unions which fulfill the conditions to start in the National Minifootball League will compete in the first year. These will be namely Blansko, Brno, Jihlava, Milovice, Most, Pardubice, Prague and Příbram.