EMF leadership (from left) Attila Takacs, Dávid Tibor, Filip Juda
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After 5 years, new leadership was voted by the delegates of European Minifootball Federation  on 21 January in Brno during an extraordinary General Assembly meeting. The battle between the two coalitions could be fairly called East vs. West clash, as both sides wanted to win the presidential, vice-presidential and general secretary chairs.

The candidates were David Tibor from Hungary, Filip Juda from Czech Republic and Attila Takacs from Romania for the „eastern block“ and Christoph Koechy from Germany, Thanos Papadopoulos from Greece and Hugo Ascenso da Costa from Portugal for the „western block“. Razvan Burleanu –former EMF president – has decided not to candidate considering his duties in Romanian Football Federation. Each side has presented their visions and main goals to be achieved by the organisation. The final votes count has revealed that the delegates prefer the eastern part vision which wants to promote EMF as a strong Non-profit organisation presenting its prepared strategy promising to achieve federation goals. They targeted minifootball local and international development, including all international competitions.

David Tibor from Hungary was elected as a new President, Filip Juda from Czech Republic  was re-elected  as a Vice-president and Attila Takacs from Romania became new General Secretary. There was also a vote for the remaining boardmembers chairs, where in a first run Ramil Rjazapov from Estonia received 16 votes and Yair Scher from Israel received 15 votes, who has obtained his chair in Executive Committee same as Filip Juda. Also in the 1st run, 3 candidates have received 14 votes each, therefore 2nd run was held in which Peter Kralik from Slovakia has received 19 votes and Andrej Manferda from Slovenia has received 15 votes, therefore have won the remaining free chairs in Executive Committee.


Scheme of the newly voted Executive Committee for the next 5years:

President: David Tibor (Hungary)

Vice-president: Filip Juda (Czech Republic)

General Secretary: Attila Takacs (Romania)


Ramil Rjazapov (Estonia)

Yair Scher (Israel)

Peter Kralik (Slovakia)

Andrej Manfreda (Slovenia)

Its main programme which was presented during the elections is to keep organising all EMF events, focus on minifootball local and international development leading to minifootball players increase in Europe. Considerable part of the programme  is creating a business plan which will strenghten EMF and its members financially and will knock down their expenses linked to team participation on EMF events.

This newly elected Executive Committee has already agreed on creating Global Strategy of the organisation for the next 5 years. This should be presented to all EMF members at the upcoming General Assembly meeting on 17th June 2017 in Brno.

The new EMF President, David Tibor has shared his view: „EMF is a young organisation, like a start-up business. It is a hopeful project with a lot of opportunity. But a lot of things are at the beginning of the road. My goal is to stabilize the legal and financial background of the operation. I would like to build a new business model around the Minifootball in the next 5 years, which can call major sponsors to rise the budget of the Minifootball. Minifootball is one of the most popular amateur sport in Europe, with high potential. I met fantastic people here that’s why I’m really looking forward to the Presidency. The EMF is a big family, and I’m very happy to be one of a family member.„




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