Mr. Filip Juda during meetings in Australia
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During this hectic, but very interesting journey, The World Minifootball Federation President, Mr. Filip Juda met many interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

But topic of all meetings was always same – minifootball and how can this sport grow? What can we do for minifootball? What minifootball should do for community? These and many more questions have been brought to the table. Let´s have a look at second part of this trip.

Stage 4 – Australia – during this hectic worldwide tour, Mr. Filip Juda has visited the „down under“ country as well. During crucial meetings held in Canberra with the Australian minifootball federation president Mr. Miguel Maron and vice-president Mr. Bryan Raeburn they have agreed that structural changes are needed for future growth of Australian minifootball. They have met advisor for ministry of sports and health to point out issues to be solved so that minifootball will be acknowledged as „top flight“ sport.

Stage 5 – Indonesia – Mr. Juda has visited National minifootball association in Jakarta to have discussions about potential future posibilities of Indonesia hosting Asian minifootball Championship in 2019. No time to rest for WMF President, is it? Good luck to all countries with their progress.


Author: JS