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To be a member of World Minifootball Federation has a lot of advantages. Proces to establish your own nation federation isn’t easy. We can help you with this proces.

What can we offer you is:

  1. Help with national minifootball association establishment – statutes, other documents for leagues organization
  2. Free information system (web, mobile app, static cameras, electronic members cards) for your association with target to generate the financial passive income for your national and local associations and also to improve a service for your members (players, referees, fans etc.)
  3. Providing discounts from WMF partners (e. g. sport partner etc.) up to 50 % etc.
  4. National team participation in the continental and World Minifootball Championship and also in club Champions League.
  5. Possibility to run to become host country of continental or the World Minifootball Championship and club’s Champions League.
  6. Possibility to use your best referees for World or continental minifootball Championships, Champions League.

If you are ready to establish your own national federation, contact us due to following form:

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