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The minifootball will be included in luxury sport society – between TOP 42 Tunisian sport’s federations. Such step can be the opening “gate” of recognitions in next Arabic and African countries. Mr. Achraf Ben Salha, the president of Tunisian Minifootball Federation and vice-president of the World Minifootball Federation played important role regarding minifootball recognition in Tunisia.

„I admire the work of Mr Achraf Ben Salha and with support of Tunisian Minifootball Ambassador and Tunisian icon Mr. Mokhtar Tlili in Tunisia, is a model example for next Arabic and African minifootball organizations. We would like to reach same conception of minifootball also in other Arabic and African countries. I am proud to work with such people as Mr. Achraf Ben Salha is and I very appreciate our common exchange of experiences and view on minifootball development“, said Filip Juda.

The recognition of minifootball in Tunisia is an important step forward and crucial moment for minifootball development in Africa. Congratulation Tunisia!