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The WMF president Filip Juda met a Minister of Youth and Sport of Madagascar Jean Anicet Andriamosariosa in Antananarivo regarding establishment of national minifootball association in Madagascar. Filip Juda presented the strategy of minifootball development in Madagascar. On base of agreement of Minister of Youth and Sport the first pilot project of minifootball development will be realized in Sava county, city of Antalaha. The World Minifootball Federation will create a first minifootball field, make a deal with minifootball goals and nets constructers and send a free sport equipments. The first official minifootball tournament will be held on 26th of June in day of independence on France (1960). Filip Juda told: “Madagascar has a huge minifootball potential with millions of people which could become our members and also an important island for us if we want reach the minifootball development also in Seychelles, Mauritius and Comoros. Madagascar is also strategic point for our deliveries to these islands in Indian Ocean close to Africa continent.” The minifootball development of city of Antalaha in region of Sava was also agreed by county representative and mayor of Antalaha.

First pilot project of minifootball in Madagascar is done

From agreement between WMF president Filip Juda and Minister of Youth and Sport of Madagascar Jean Anicet Andriamosariosa passed only 7 days and city of Antalaha have first minifootball field and goals. Also historically first minifootball game under WMF was organized as a model example to educate the people about minifootball disciplines and rules. Local people got a know-how and job with support of World Minifootball Federation and partners. Were agreed conditions for the supply of bamboo for the construction of goals for mini-football in Madagascar (with the potential development on close Seychelles, Mauritius and Comoros), including a negotiated and conditions to supply nets from Malagasy fishermen. Filip Juda told: “We must focus not only about development of minifootball but also how we will stabilize the minifootball organization during upcoming years. I am sure if we will follow ready strategy we will ensure the future of minifootball in Madagascar.” The first minifootball league will starts in Antalaha from October 2015. The development will be leaded and controlled by Michal Marcek, the technical director of WMF for part of south Africa and islands nearby.