Mr. Juda, Ben Salha and Tlili met in Moscow
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Last week, World Minifootball Federation President Mr. Filip Juda and African Federation CEO Mr. Achraf Ben Salha met in Moscow. Also Hannibal TV and Tunisian Minifootball Ambassador Mr. Mokhtar Tlili has attended these talks. Main topic of this meeting was Tunisian candidature for World Cup 2017.

Result? Africa (Tunisia) would like to host World Cup 2017. It has been a long journey Tunisian Minifootball went through in such a short period of time and this position is just natural evolution. And you can hear words of support from all different angles.  „I personally am inclined to the thesis that World Cup 2017 in Africa will support not only progressive development of Minifootball on this continent but also send clear message to all african members, that all World Minifootball Federation´ countries are reverently looking with great respect at all the work that African Minifootball Federation did“, Mr. Filip Juda added.

Minifootball World Cup 2017 should start in August next year. Tunisia also confirmed their participation on Continental Cup 2017, which will take place before EMF EURO 2017 in Czech Republic. Brasil, Canada and Czech Republic will take part as well.

Other World Minifootball Federation member countries who will candidate for World Cup 2017, will be presented soon. Good luck to all candidates!