Logos of 4 new WMF members
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Another milestone and huge progress has been achieved by African Minifootball federation as four new members has joined our great family. Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Lebanon and Libya are now under WMF flag. And that is not it. Senegal and Zimbabwe are on their way to join our community in very short future. We are going to inform you right after all procedures will be made.

World Minifootball Federation President, Mr. Filip Juda said: „I appreciate Minifootball progress in Africa and Middle East. This development helps to grow up stability of World Minifootball Federation and its member base. But this progress can´t be made by itself. It needs strong leadership and for that i very appreciate work done by African minifootball federation president, Mr. Achraf Ben Salha”.

This success is another evidence of great job being made by African Minifootball federation. Our sport simply getting its place on the sun. “I am looking forward to African Minifootball championship what i feel as the next step forward to increase Minifootball medialisation and promotion on African continent“, added Filip Juda.

Welcome, and have fun and passion we all going to share together!

Check out Facebook Fanpage of Ivory Coast Minifootball Federation HERE.

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